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To everyone in my flist and elsewhere, hope 2013 is brilliant for you

And in the year of a big anniversary, what better image to use to celebrate?

Hope you're all well had good new years and nice Christmases/festive seasons.  Oh my giddy aunt, LJ has been a PAIN in the backside for me lately....


Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas F'list and beyond!

Wishing you and your families all the very best of the festive season.
And here's to the man who made Christmas special for so many years (and still does with a different daft old face) and in such a short time has become synonymous with Christmas for me (has it really been SEVEN years?)

tennant-piperChristmas memories this wayCollapse )

Happy Birthday BMG!!

bas_math_girl  Your party guests have arrived!

Have a lovely day, xx


Happy Doctor Who Day!!!!


See you on the otherside for reactions and such!


Another poll - support the BBC

Apologies for being super super quiet recently and being generally rubbish at commenting on people's posts.  Real life apparently thinks that I need less of an internet life.....yeah right, what does real life know?

Anyway, this poll came to my attention, voting for whether the BBC needs the license fee.  Now, I know that most of my f'list are supporters of Doctor Who and so of the BBC, without whom we wouldnt have that fab programme that's brought so many of us together.  We also wouldn't have the brilliant Sherlock, Spooks, In the Line of Duty, Psychoville, to name a few.  And although the poll isn't in any way decision making, it's from a fairly influential and powerfully voiced site so would hit the beleagured BBC when it just doesn't need it.  They've already had cuts and we're already seeing the effects of that.  I'm fairly certain DT's new project Broadchruch is only ITV bound because the Beeb don't have the money.  Plus, the Tory govt don't need more ammunition/excuses to get at the bbc.

So please, just take two minutes of your time, click on the link below and let people know you think the BBC is worth the licence fee.

Thanks! (and kisses and muffins and stuff)


Feel free to share and spread the word

Mar. 27th, 2012

Never thought I'd say this but....Anyone else twitchy and missing Gallifrey Base? Its been over a day. What's a girl meant to do in lunch break? Surepticios (sp) LJ fic reading excepted of course.


Happy Mother's Day!

To all the mum's on my f'list, and to your mums and to everyon'e mums (and to mine, not that I let her near my online life...)

Thank you for being so spectacularly you.

Enjoy your special day and thanks for making our lives special just by being in them,xx

Writer's Block: National Pi Day

How many digits of pi have you memorized?
1. It isn't National pi day in this  nation, it's national Stop Smoking Day.  so.....my temptation is to respond with Pi can go eat itself (see what I did there?).

2. However I feel like I should in some way honour the scene in Midnight which forced out beloved DT to learn pi to 30 digits....so I shall do it thusly 'Shamble bobble dooble dongle'.

In the rest of my life:....

I was one of the few people in the country who watched Decoy Bride in the cinema.  I didn't expect much because the reviews have been...tepid at best.  But, actually, there were a few times when the whole cinema (all 50 or so of us) were laughing out loud for sustained times.  DT was cute, Kelly M was cute.  I'd say it's definately watchable, but it probably won't change your life - unless the DVD pings out of the case and takes your eye out or something....

So....as you can see, today's mood is ...grumpy ;)

Writer's Block: What’s in a Name?

What name do you wish you had?
I wish I was called Tallulah does the Hula from Hawaii


Rumplestiltskin - cos then try as you might, you'd never be able to guess what it was.  Maybe it <i>is</i> my name and this is a double bluff.....

You can only laugh....or cry